Stirling & Atmospheric Engines

"Vintage" Stirling Cycle Engine

"Vickie" Victorian Stirling Cycle Engine

"Duplex Vacuum" Stirling Cycle Engine

"4-in-1" Vacuum (Atmospheric) Engine

  Super Stirling Cycle Fan

"Miser" Low Temp Stirling Cycle Engine

 "Beamer" Stirling Cycle Beam Engine

"Ringbom" Stirling Cycle Pumping Engine

  Mini Stirling Cycle Fan

"Sideshaft" Vacuum Engine

Internal Combustion Engines

"Farm Boy" 4 -Cycle Hit-&-Miss Engine

"Howell V-Twin" 4-Cycle Gas Engine

"PowerHouse" 4-Cycle Gas Engine

  Howell 2-Jet Throttle

"Howell V-Four" 4-Cycle Gas Engine

1906 "Bill" 4-Cycle Gas Engine

"Plunket Jr." 4-Cycle Gas Engine

  Howell Magnetic Drive Engine Water Pump

Book Shelf Models

"1779" 24 Pounder Naval Cannon

MB Saw Pix  Millers Falls Miterbox Saw

  Telegraph Key & Sounder



Attachments & Tools

  Precision Mini Drill Press

  High Speed Auxiliary Mill Spindle

  Gear Cutting Without Index Plates

  Gas Engine Propane Demand Valve Plans

  Micro Drill Press

  Mini Propane Burners & Regulator

  Radius & Ball Turning Attachment

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