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Millers Falls Miterbox Saw Plans

This is a 1/6th scale model of a "Millers Falls" miterbox saw that was made in the 1950's. It was a beautifully designed and built tool. The saw frame was cast iron and other parts were machined from solid steel bar stock. Most of the hardware items were nickel plated. Tools with that kind of quality are not made anymore and never will be again.

The model saw frame is milled from solid brass. The saw blade is brass sheet and the rest of the saw is machined from miscellaneous brass bar stock. The saw handle and the material deck is walnut for a nice contrast to the brass.

This model almost looks like jewelry and will look great on your desk, the fireplace mantle or in your curio cabinet. I made this saw as a gift for a friend (George W. Neff) in 1977. How about you making one for that really special carpenter relative or friend of yours?

The plans set consists of 5 sheets of drawings.

(Sorry, the above pictures were duplicated from old slides from 1977 that are not very good.)

Specifications: Overall Width: 3-3/8", Blade Length: 4-1/8", Overall Height: 1-15/16"

"Thanks for ALL that you contribute to the model engine world and the machining hobby in general with your great plans and designs." -  John Guenther (Sterling, Virginia)

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Miterbox Saw Plans

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