Occasionally we are asked if we offer complete kits of Jerry's designs. The answer is 'no', however, to help fill this void we are now offering complete kits of these high-quality, German made Stirling engines. These can be put together in an afternoon and run on inexpensive denatured alcohol. These make great gifts or projects to build with the kids or grandkids!       

    Boehm Stirling HB7-AL2 Engine Kit

    Boehm Stirling-Technik - Finish part HB7-AL2   Boehm Stirling-Technik - HB7-AL2 Kit form.
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A beautiful example of desktop Sterling model engine. The horizontal, classic construction of the Stirling motor. This is the easy way to get acquainted with the Mini-Stirlilng family of motors.  Stirling hot air engine. This engine does not have a drive pulley to drive accessories.

Specifications: Base measurements: 160 x 110 x 80 mm (L x B x H), Working rpm: approx. 2,500 rpm, Drive: 1 spirit burner, Bearing application: 2 ball-bearings, Material of the engine: brass, aluminum, stainless steel,
Working time: approx. 45 min./1 spirit filling.

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Boehm HB7-AL2 Engine Kit

Item ID: HB-7

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