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Farm Boy Hit-&-Miss 4-Cycle Engine Plans

Farm Boy is a bar stock engine requiring no expensive castings but is designed to look as though it was made from castings. As seen above, it is not possible to know it was made from bar stock. It is mostly aluminum alloy which is much stronger than castings and machines better as well. As a hit-&-miss type engine it needs no cooling system and will operate for long periods on a small amount of fuel. Running time is 12 hours on 2 ounces (59cc) of fuel. Even after all day runs the engine only gets slightly warm. The engine is not difficult to build, yet offers some interesting challenges to keep an experienced builder interested. Farm Boy is designed to use an "O" ring on the piston instead of normal cast iron piston rings (the builder can use cast iron rings if desired). This results in near perfect compression from the first run and because there is very little cylinder friction, Farm Boy will coast from 20 to as many as 30 revolutions between firing.

The plans set consists of 19 sheets of quality laser printed CAD drawings and 2 sheets of construction notes.

Specifications: Cylinder Bore: 1" (25.4mm), Piston Stroke: 1-3/8" (34.9mm), Flywheel Diameter: 6" (152.4mm), Engine Length: 10.75" (273mm), Engine Height: 6" (152.4mm), Engine Width: 6.9" (175mm)  Experience Level: 3

"Well, for a "Feller" who has never had any design training, you could put most of them to shame. You certainly have some God given gift at design and your V-2 proves it. You are an 'Artist of Metal.'" - Joe Sowders (Florrisant, Missouri)

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Farm Boy Engine Plans

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 Extra Hall Sensor and 2mm Magnet for the Spark Saver Feature

 Rimfire VR2L Long Reach 1/4-32 Spark Plug
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 .125" ID x .312" OD x .14" Thick Shielded Ball Bearing Push Rod Roller *
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Do not purchase the similar sized flanged bearing FR2-5ZZ


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